It's Not Complicated. It's Sympal.

Expect only the Highest Standard of Care... Personalized.

Our clear aligner system uses a multi-specialty approach by working with dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists to give you nothing less but the best care possible.

Our clear aligner system is different- See the features below to see what we offer and do differently, but better.

Less Dental Visits

Our app tracker, SymTrak, is connected to both you and your orthodontist. It tracks tooth movement through your orthodontic process, cutting down dental visits. Our clear aligners can be directly sent to your home if your teeth are tracking properly.

Flexible Adjustments

If your teeth are not tracking properly, your orthodontist can make adjustments on the spot and send an updated clear aligner to you immediately so you can get a quicker smile.

Better Profile

We care about your profile. Our SymTray system expands your jaw in a forward direction, giving you a more aesthetic jaw and chin, so you can look better on camera.

Airway Focused

We focus on your airway first, making sure your teeth is moving in a way that increases your air capacity, so you can breathe better, sleep better, and snore less.

 Fresh Breath

The SymTray System is mint flavored, giving you that fresh breath all the time, unlike the other smelly clear aligner systems out there.

Prevent Cavities

We infuse our clear aligners with fluoride, preventing cavities that are more likely to occur during orthodontic treatment.

Eat While You Wear

Eat with our clear aligners on. Our patent pending system actually speeds up your orthodontic treatment while you chew. So chew away.

Work With Insurance

We are already cheaper than Invisalign and we also work with insurance companies so you can get a nice discount on your orthodontic treatment.

Payment Plan

Not within your budget, but really want to use our system? We offer monthly payment options to fit your lifestyle.

Faster Results With Options

You can discuss and work with your orthodontist on various options of speeding up your orthodontic process such as vibration therapy, osteoperforations, etc. to see which method is the best for you.

Straightening teeth is the easy part. We correct your face structure first.

We like more than straight teeth. We want to make sure your face structure is not sacrificed during the teeth straightening process. We work with your orthodontist to come up with a personalized plan just for you.

Possible improvement in: sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, and snoring.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and do not want to wear your CPAP, our system could be a possible permanent fix. However, results may vary per individual, but you will most likely see an improvement in your breathing.

Understand the Science Behind the Innovation. See the Research.

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